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About CCMD

Our office will be closed from 25th December 2017 to 1st January 2018. Normal business will resume from 2nd January 2018 onwards.

The Centre for Corporate Management & Development Pte Ltd (CCMD) was incorporated in Singapore in June 2002.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the company are as follows:

To conduct and organise courses and offer facilities, and undertake projects relating to educational, training and professional development, and to deal, transact or provide the means whereby persons may obtain, gather or advance their professional knowledge.

Our Objectives

To engage in research and analysis in the fields of economics, finance, capital markets, investments, technology, industry, engineering and personnel and to engage generally in the business of collection and preparation of information, statistics and surveys and in providing promoting and establishing systems, methods and controls for industrial and managerial efficiency and operations.